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Disciplinary and Misconduct

Following the correct procedure when disciplining or dismissing an employee for acts of misconduct is crucial in order to minimise the risk of an unfair dismissal complaint.

Failing to do so can result in a dismissal being classed as unfair, even if there are legitimate grounds for it in the first place. Similarly, if an employer doesn’t follow the right procedures when issuing warnings, this can result in a later dismissal being deemed unfair.

The specialists in our Employment Team are experts in handling and advising on all types of disciplinary procedures from the routine to those involving the most complex and unusual forms of employee misconduct. We are always on hand to offer you clear, straightforward advice on the requirements which must be met.

We regularly draft and review disciplinary policies, advise clients on disciplinary handling procedures and help with the process of investigation. We’re also highly experienced in the drafting of invitation and outcome letters helping to minimise the risk of client actions being challenged by employees.

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