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I sold my £200,000 dream home for £2 over feud with neighbour: Teacher sells her 300-year-old cottage to try to avoid £76,000 legal bill after court battle over 12 ‘poxy’ damaged roof tiles.

Rekha Patel, 43, spent £200,000 buying the dilapidated two-bedroom cottage It was a dream Derbyshire home but she fell out with neighbour Frances Brierley. They fell out when tiles on their shared roof were damaged during renovations. Miss Patel was left with the enormous legal bill after Mrs Brierley took her to court over the damage.

If only every house purchase cost £2.00! A listed country cottage in Glossop was sold to private rental companies for £2.00 following a dispute between neighbours over antique roof tiles. Home owners need to be aware of the risks involved in renovating their homes, particularly if living in listed buildings or buildings where the local council have an Article 4 Direction in place. Homeowners need to check with their local planning officer first before embarking upon work that could land them in court if their neighbour objects to the works already started, for example as in this case reported recently in the Daily Mail.The Buyers in their turn need to check before exchange no such disputes have arisen between the Sellers and their neighbours and their solicitors should check the replies to enquiries carefully with their clients who will have inspected the Property before putting in an offer.

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