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Service Charge Collection

Collection of Service charge and/or rent arrears

Glaisyers Solicitors provide a service specifically tailored to those with Service charge and / or rent arrears and specialise in the handling of such cases. We understand the vital importance of collecting such arrears as quickly and efficiently as possible. We appreciate that it is a vital part of the management of a development that it has funds in place to provide service to its residents.

Why use us?

  • We typically recover all outstanding service charge along with interest and costs allowable in over 90% of cases;
  • Your case will be handled fast, effectively and professionally by a team who have years of experience in this specialist market;
  • Our bespoke service achieves high success rates at a minimal cost to you;
  • The majority of cases are charged on a fixed fee basis.


How does the process work?

A seven day letter is sent demanding payment of the outstanding arrears and warning of impending court action should payment not be forthcoming. If payment doesn’t arrive we will serve the defaulters with court proceedings and make it clear that additional interest and costs are also being claimed. The next stage is to obtain a County Court Judgment on your behalf. If it is necessary to enter Judgment against your debtor we will discuss with you in detail the most effective method of enforcement in order to gain the quickest recovery for you.

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