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Local Authorities

As a member of the north-west legal consortium we are instructed by local authorities to advise on and pursue litigation on a whole range of issues.

We are routinely instructed to pursue enforcement action by local authorities in respect of a whole range of debts. We pursue charging order and subsequent order for sale proceedings, including dealing with the sale of the property when an order for sale is made. We have pursued bankruptcy proceedings on behalf of authorities. We are happy to advise on the most appropriate method of enforcement having regard to ombudsman guidance.

As a result of recommendations from local authorities we have acted for vulnerable individuals in pursuing recovery actions, including obtaining injunctive relief to ensure preservation and recovery of assets.

We have pursued proceedings in respect of breach of contract issues on behalf of local authorities and subsequently enforced judgment.

We have been successfully involved in the issue of proceedings in respect of the recoverability of damages in respect of trespass claims in respect of local authority land.

We are happy to advise in respect of all manner of contentious disputes. If you have an issue that you consider it necessary to take advice on please do not hesitate to contact Nick Johnson for a no obligation chat.

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