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Power of Attorney Registration

Making decisions for a loved one who can no longer deal with their own affairs

At Glaisyers we know the importance of being looked after if you struggle to manage your financial affairs because of illness or injury. If you have made a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) to let someone act on your behalf you won’t want there to be any delays. Registering the LPA is the best way to let them help you as fast as possible.

Even if you’ve signed your LPA it can’t be used until it has been registered with the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG). Our Power of Attorney experts can make the application for you. It often takes over 12 weeks to register the LPA. You don’t have to register the LPA until it is needed, so your attorneys can register it if they need it. If someone needs to act in an emergency they might not be able to if you haven’t registered the LPA.

If a relative or friend is having difficulty making decisions it is frustrating if you can’t help them. If the person has made a power of attorney to let you make decisions for them, you might have to register it before you can help them. If the person made an Enduring Power of Attorney you will have to register it when you believe they are starting to lose their ability to make financial decisions.

You may have to tell certain people when you apply for registration, this is normally the Donor and members of their family. You also have to apply to the OPG and might need a doctor to give a report about the person’s ability to make financial decisions. Our Power of Attorney specialists can guide you through the application making the progress simpler for you, and stress free.

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