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Making decisions for a loved one who can no longer deal with their own affairs

Dementia, illness or injury can affect a person’s mental ability and stop them making decisions for themselves. If you have a friend or family member in this distressing situation, and want to be appointed to make decisions on their behalf, we can help. We have vast experience in this area and can make an application to the Court of Protection to have you appointed as a Deputy.

The Court order will set out the decisions you are allowed to make, this might include selling the person’s house, dealing with their bank accounts and investments and making payments to people who would normally be provided for by them.

Whatever the situation, our friendly, professional, lawyers will take the time to be available to listen and understand, before giving clear, straightforward advice. In addition to helping you apply to be appointed to act for a friend or family member, we can arrange a medical assessment of the person you want to act for. We can also give notice of the application to other family members and the person you want to act for. Plus our Deputyship specialists can help you to make decisions and deal with any problems you encounter while you act as Deputy.

In short, we’ll go the extra mile for you, doing everything we can to help and support you and making sure the whole process is as easy and stress free as possible for you.

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