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Corporate Governance

If you are the only shareholder in your company and it’s only director, and an employee, how many “hats” are you wearing?

People often do not pay enough attention to the role surrounding how businesses are run and the duties and obligations imposed by law on them if they are directors, shareholders or LLP members.

But you ignore these rules at your peril, do we set out in accessible formats clear guidelines on how you should run your business to ensure you comply with the law, your rights if someone chooses to tread roughshod over you.

We’ll show you how to run and conduct directors and shareholders meetings and ensure the business you want transacted passes legal scrutiny, and will attend with you if you want, as we know how unnerving formal meetings can be. Most businesses run informally, but the danger there is to ignore the legal rules, only to find out you’ve not actually done what you thought you had.

The sorts of things we advise on are:

  • Directors’ duties
  • Shareholders rights
  • Minority Shareholders disputes
  • Conduct of meetings


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