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Statutory Agreements

Drafting, regulating and completing statutory agreements

If you require a law firm with vast knowledge and experience in drafting, regulating and completing statutory agreements, Glaisyers can help.

We understand that speed is essential in these negotiations in order facilitate a development. Our excellent working relationships with Local Authorities and other service providers ensures that this process is carried out quickly, efficiently, cost effectively and within tight deadlines.

To enable a development to be carried out, the landowner and/or developer may be asked to enter into a Planning Agreement as a condition of planning permission being granted. The aim of which is to set out the requirements that a developer must meet to satisfy the conditions of a planning consent.

In our experience, the list of requirements can be lengthy and quite daunting, and may require the provision of additions to the development from public open spaces with play equipment to dedicated social housing on the development. Glaisyers have extensive experience in drafting and negotiating such agreements and our pragmatic approach ensures a quick conclusion, which aids the smooth running of a development.

Our aim is to make complex issues straightforward by consistently delivering a personal, high quality and cost effective service for you and your business.

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