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Commercial Property

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With the complexity that surrounds commercial property transactions, any person or company involved in this area will benefit from a legal expert to help them understand every key detail of their deal. The reason many do not get the best deal on their commercial property is usually because they’ve not been properly informed. The fast-moving sector of commercial property requires pragmatic approaches to find the ideal legal solution.

The ideal people to help you in this kind of a situation are expert commercial property solicitors. A skilled and experienced solicitor will ensure the desired end results are achieved. Glaisyers Solicitors LLP is a firm situated in Manchester, delivering clear and straightforward legal advice. Glaisyers has a team of solicitors expertly dealing with commercial property issues. We specialise in industrial, retail, office, leisure, restaurant and public sector property. We will work closely with each client, making sure the needs of your business are met.

Once we immerse ourselves in your commercial property business, we can follow every sector of the required law governing commercial property to make sure we control and eliminate all prospective legal risks and get you the best deal possible. We have developed a personable yet practical approach which ensures we meet your legal needs fully, ensuring the progress of your transactions is as smooth as possible. We strive to offer legal guidance, without jargon, that is relevant to your business. We also have a reputation as one of the friendliest and most personable law firms around.

Since Glaisyers Solicitors has been in operation for a considerable time, we are a well-established firm with all of the required legal resources. Our solicitors deliver excellent results and we have the capability to work under tight deadlines. Another benefit of our quality legal services is that they are offered at the most competitive prices. Here are some of the legal services that we are able to offer within the commercial property sector:

  • Commercial property acquisitions and/or development
  • Insolvency or distressed sales
  • Retail and Construction
  • Statutory Agreements
  • Corporate Due Diligence

We always follow a personable approach, that is, regardless of the size of your property-related project we will keep you fully informed on your case. Our friendly strategy also strictly follows the full professional requirements expected of each one of our legal team, helping us to deliver a cost-effective, quality and personal legal service. You will see the care we have for your commercial property business.

To talk about the legal services of our commercial property solicitors here at Glaisyers Solicitors LLP, contact us for the legal advice of a firm that has been in practice for more than 40 years. Our extensive record has allowed our lawyers to gain the experience required to deal with commercial property issues effectively. Our legal guidance has benefited clients in Manchester and beyond, so get in touch by phone or email if you’d like to discuss how we could help you.


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