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Business Succession Planning

Ensuring the best provision for your family and your business

At Glaisyers we know that after working hard to make your business a success, you will want it to carry on growing once you are no longer involved. That’s why it’s vital for business owners to get their personal finances in order and plan head.

Making the best provision for your family, or for your business now and in the future, requires careful financial planning. We are trusted by many business owners/directors to advise them on wills, lasting powers of attorney, securing assets through the use of trusts and inheritance tax planning.

If you are thinking about retiring or leaving a company or partnership we can help you to protect your share by making gifts creating trusts to set the value aside for your family and to make the most of available tax reliefs.

Everyone who owns shares in a company should think about how your shares would be passed on and how the company would change if you’re not around. You might want to leave someone the shares, or the money that would be generated if they were sold.

The company might have rules to say how you can deal with your shares but our Wills and Company solicitors will law will guide you through your options and find a solution that is right for you and your business.

When a company shareholder or director dies our Probate specialists can we can give the family and the company practical advice to help the company carry on, and to take the stress out of passing it to the next generation.

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