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Family Wealth Planning

Family Wealth Planning

At Glaisyers we know how important it is to pass assets on to future generations. Whether it is a business, the family home or an investment portfolio we will work with you to understand your family’s needs and to find a solution to protect the assets for your family.

You can pass assets between generations by giving them away, creating a trust while you are alive or making a Will to transfer ownership when you die.

Our specialist solicitors will take a practical approach to help you to make gifts of shares in your business to members of the family, or to put the business into a trust. The gift might be free from Inheritance tax if business property relief applies. We can help you work out whether tax would be due and take the stress out of transferring the business to the next generation.

You can give your house away, or share it with another person, but there are special rules that must be followed to prevent unexpected tax charges. Our trust and property experts can help you decide whether giving away property is right for you.

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