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Institute of Directors: Use of Social Media in the Work place

IoD North West – Managing Social Media Risk

Location: IoD Hub Manchester
Date: 27 March 2014
Time: 07:45 – 09:30

We currently have an estimated 200 million users of Twitter generating 65 million tweets each day. Facebook has an estimated 600 million users worldwide, 9 million of whom reside in the UK alone. LinkedIn has a reported 150 million users worldwide.

Over the last 10 years, the popularity of social media has increased at a phenomenal rate. This has had a significant impact upon business as social media usage encroaches on the workplace.

Common problems include staff spending time engaged on social media networks when they should be working, inappropriate comments made on social media networks about employers, bullying and harassment by employees of others for which an employer is potentially liable, damage to the reputation of employers, the disclosure of confidential information and the potential ability to use social media to compete against former employers.

Social media however does have its advantages and provided it is managed properly, there is no reason why it cannot be embraced by employers. The trick is to be aware of where the risks lie and how to anticipate these issues before they become a problem.

Russell Brown, a Partner in the Employment Team of Glaisyers Solicitors LLP, will address the potential problems and give practical examples of how to deal with them by reference to the limited number of cases with a social media reference which have been heard by the Courts to date.

Hosted by: IoD North West
Organiser: Andrea Lowe
Contact: 0161 247 7634