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Communication in Digital Projects is Key – Blog by Kevin Rimmer

Having read today’s Manchester Evening News, I thought it would be useful to highlight an article written by Daniel Nolan, Managing Director of Manchester-based SEO specialists, Eword.

Daniel emphasises the importance of collaboration and communication between agencies in digital and media projects, pointing out that it is not only of benefit for the individual client concerned but also in the interests of Manchester’s ever growing creative industry as a whole. I couldn’t agree more – the better and more efficient service our region’s agencies are able to offer its clients, the higher Manchester’s profile in the sector will grow.

However, the agencies should not bear the brunt of this alone. With the importance of intellectual property, software, e-commerce, jurisdictional and data protection issues in digital projects, legal advisers acting for the client and/or agencies must also be prepared to keep their finger on the pulse with what is going on. The client can ultimately rest assured that their project – which they have often invested substantial effort and sums into realising – is legally compliant and protected from launch day!


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