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Failure to pay enhanced shared parental pay – an act of discrimination?

The Shared Parental Leave regulations came in to effect in April 2015 and are designed to give parents the freedom to share up to 50 weeks leave and 37 weeks’ pay.


Russell Brown featured today on Lawyer Monthly

As negotiations are underway, are we looking towards a soft Brexit or a hard Brexit? How will each pan out for various UK sectors? How will they impact the pound and the economy? How will small businesses be affected? And though we’ve already seen a glimpse via the proposed bills in the Queen’s speech, what will our new laws look Read more →

Why does it take so long to complete a property purchase?

The process of buying a property generally takes weeks and not days because there will almost always be a variety of different variables and details involved that need to be carefully addressed by solicitors. (more…)

General Election 2017: Employment law and the main manifestos

Unsure how the 2017 manifestos from Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats fare against employment law issues? Read our brief guide to the key proposed changes.


Sleep in shifts: do employers need to wake up to new thinking?

Sarah Scholfield has recently featured with Employment Solicitor looking at the recent EAT cases about night shift workers and explains what employers need to know.


Half of all SMEs ‘Would Not Survive the Loss of a Key Employee’

A majority of SMEs around the UK would not be able to survive if they were to lose a key employee for any reason. (more…)

UK’s Construction Sector Output ‘Accelerating at Fastest Pace This Year’

Overall output within the UK’s construction sector accelerated at the fastest pace so far this year during April, according to the latest figures on the subject. (more…)

SMEs ‘worried by potential loss of EU workers post-Brexit’

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who employ workers from different parts of the European Union are worried about the potential skills gap they’ll be left with after the UK departs from the EU.


Personal Injury Rule Changes Blamed for Direct Line’s Insurance Policy Price Hikes

Changes to laws around personal injury and compensation for accidents has seemingly prompted the insurance firm Direct Line to increase the price of its policies by almost 7% in the early months of this year. (more…)

Maintenance – Is it for Life?

This is a very topical headline as our daily newspapers recently carried reference to a Court of Appeal Judgment and a comment made by Lord Justice Pitchford which seems to have resulted in much public furore.  The papers have interpreted the judicial comments, in such a way, as they were calling for a change to the Law. Read more →